They Draw & Cook illustration party

So this is my second competition - they're really making me 'pull my socks up' as we say in the UK. I have been wanting to enter for years, but never had the courage until now. A fellow MATS mate had already entered this Glad sponsored competition where you have to illustrate 3 recipes using the same ingredient. Time was short so I choose lime as I'd drawn quite a few citrus icons for Bootcamp ( more in next blog). I choose the recipes for their easy methods and maximum flavour, and also personal favourites. I really had so much fun and I think it showed. I tend to think about food and travel a lot and very much want to include more in my portfolio. (I'm working in a hush hush foodie illo project that I'll be able to reveal soon)

Mojito OMW
Lime 3 Ways OMW

Tigerprint Competition

I decide that in 2014 I would start putting myself 'out there' entering a few competitions. I felt it would give me an opportunity to respond to a brief my way & add to my portfolio.The first was Tigerprint's monthly competition called 'The Colour of Love' in collaboration with the Society of Dyers & Colourists. They wanted a exciting colour palette that '....captured the feeling of love whilst pushing the boundaries to create a new and different look...' Below is my entry. I wanted to explore hand linework with different textures, and I surprised myself with what I produced YEY.


Well it turned out that myself and another MATS mate had reached the top 60! We were so pleased.