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 I'm often asked by design & illustration students about my art - I hope this information will be useful...

1. What inspires you most within your work?
Its probably quite obvious - I love looking at, and eating food. The same goes for packaging, patterns in nature, and I have a real obsession with vintage or retro items. I'm also getting quite obsessed with decorative tiles.

2. Do you like drawing traditionally or using digital ?
My food illustration work always starts as a sketch in black line, either brush pen or pen and ink. I like to keep it lose and don't worry about splodges or smudges. I then take it into Ai or manipulate and add textures in PS. 

3. How did you start working in art industry?
At my degree show a greetings card company took on my work which lead to Tigerprint offering me freelance position. I also had editorial commissions for magazines and books .

4. What would you recommend to someone if they want to become an illustrator and how they would they come about it?
This is just my opinion - draw, draw, draw and draw some more-with pencil, pen and ink anything. Drawing is so under rated these days - I really think it helps to develop your own style. Experiment with ALL different mediums from printmaking, watercolours, oils, wax resist- have fun, enjoy & don't overthink. Be persistent and consistent about producing good art to contacting clients to networking. And always be open to learning and developing your art.

5. How did you become so successful on Instagram and what are your top tip? I really didn’t set out to have a large following I just wanted to share my works in progress and later on my sketchbook practice. I was pretty consistent about posting everyday and I wrote my posts in a way that folks understood and could relate too. I would say be yourself and share your challenges but also celebrate the small stuff.

6 Do you need formal art education to be a illustrator or surface designer ? I feel today there are so many online resources to learn you can gather a lot of information. I myself took many online courses long and short at the beginning of my career. However I feel you will need to be highly dedicated by setting a few goals to aim for and perhaps finding like minded folks and possible a mentor. These days you have to think not only about making the art but also marketing yourself.

I am constantly updating my ever-growing portfolio so please contact me for commissioned work. If you see anything you like, please get in touch:


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Originally from Burma I now live in the UK. After graduating with a degree in Advertising and Design a rather long time ago I pursued a editorial illustration career whilst also working as a in house greetings card designer for Tiger print ( now Hallmark) I have only returned to full time illustration in the last four years after taking a extended break to look after my kids. I am now proud to say I have worked with branding and packaging clients from all around the world. As well as this I teach illustration and watercolours online at Skillshare

 Previous clients include

English Provender



Sunday Times Travel Magazine

Deli2Go for Shell

Arla (dairy products)

Quarto Publishing

Kyle Books

Cost Plus/World Market

Trident Foods (New Zealand)

Marks & Spencer

John Lewis



BBC Worldwide

English Provender 

Fairly random facts about myself...

- I paint watermelon more than anything else

- seen Blade Runner more than any other film

- am obsessed with packaging from different eras

- I have a tattoo written in Burmese on my arm

- I’m a advanced PADI diver qualifying in Malaysia