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I'm often asked by design & illustration students about my art - I hope this information will be useful...

1. What inspires you most within your work?
Its probably quite obvious - I love looking at, and eating food. The same goes for packaging, patterns in nature, and I have a real obsession with vintage or retro items. I'm also getting quite obsessed with decorative tiles.

2. Do you like drawing traditionally or using digital ?
My food illustration work always starts as a sketch in black line, either brush pen or pen and ink. I like to keep it lose and don't worry about splodges or smudges. I then take it into Ai or manipulate and add textures in PS. 

3. How do you promote your work ?
I have found various social media to be very useful, especially Pinterest and Instagram.  

4. How did you start working in art industry?
At my degree show a greetings card company took on my work which lead to Tigerprint offering me freelance position. I also had editorial commissions for magazines and books .

5. What would you recommend to someone if they want to become an illustrator and how they would they come about it?
This is just my opinion - draw, draw, draw and draw some more-with pencil, pen and ink anything. Drawing is so under rated these days - I really think it helps to develop your own style. Experiment with ALL different mediums from printmaking, watercolours, oils, wax resist- have fun, enjoy & don't overthink. Be persistent and consistent about producing good art to contacting clients to networking. And always be open to learning and developing your art.

I am constantly updating my ever-growing portfolio so please contact me for commissioned work. If you see anything you like, please get in touch:

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This is me...

Originally from Burma I now live in the UK. It took me quite a while to read & write English so I just drew and painted and just kept drawing and painting because it was much easier than verbs. Then aged 14, I realised people get paid to draw: how amazing was that? I devised plan that involved being great with paints, brushes and pencils and stacks of paper. After graduating with a degree in Advertising and Design a rather long time ago I pursued a editorial illustration career with a large helping of greetings cards whilst freelancing at Tigerprint. I have only returned to full time illustration in the last three years after taking a extended break to look after my kids.

I have a latent scuba diving habit that needs funding. I'm now branching out into even more exciting territories.

Fairly random facts about myself...

- my favourite fruit is the mango: ripe and unripe

- seen Blade Runner more than any other film

- am obsessed with packaging from different eras

- I would have been a geologist if I wasn't an illustrator


    Previous clients include

Sunday Times Travel Magazine

Deli2Go for Shell

Arla (dairy products)

Quarto Publishing

Kyle Books

Cost Plus/World Market

Trident Foods (New Zealand)

Marks & Spencer

John Lewis



BBC Worldwide

English Provender