My Goals Book....

I just wanted to write a quick note about my Goals Book that I started in January of this year. I contains pretty much everything I want to achieve in the next 1 -20 years of my life. In terms of career, family, finance, and vacations. Also just personal stuff like reaching a calmer state, not based on fear.

I find it immensely satisfying looking through it whenever I can. Although I can  almost recall every page in my minds eye as I attempt to meditate on them & other affirmations every night.

I mentioned my Goals Book in the MATS Facebook group, and received a warm response. I am delighted that in some small way I was able to inspire others, even if it was just to plant a seed of an idea. It certainly helps me to focus and map a path towards these dreams. I placed the images I collected in my book in a file that pops up as my screen saver just to remind me throughout the day, which works wonderfully for me.