Children's Picture books & me

I had been looking forward to this the most in this half of Lilla's course...picture books are very close to my heart. It goes like this....

I'm 8 years old and reading in a prefab shed that serves as an extra class room for my school. Although its really reserved as a boot camp for kids who find reading, writing and comprehension very challenging. Having immigrated to the UK aged 5 I still found following lessons in class tough, and spent a few hours each week in that musty prefab.

However I have discovered the great trick of scanning the faces & body language of the picture book characters and hoping the words match! I ended up reading picture books for many many years to catch up with my classmates. They would be on Famous 5 and I was pouring over The Hungry Catapiller. Whilst improving my reading skills they also bought great delight. Picture books with humorous characters, fairy tales, strange animals, strange lands, there was so much to choose from- thats why I simply adore them. I tried to channel that inner child when working on this weeks assignment.