Tigerprint Say It With Words...competition

It was only last week I saw the details of this months competition - a different way of putting forward a sentimental phrase in a typographic setting. Oh gosh I'm such a sucker of hand lettering I couldn't resist.

First of all was finding a phrase...how does one say 'Happy Birthday' differently? Or any of the other dozen key greetings that come up time and time again. I settled on '365 days Older and Wiser' which is quite polite and not at all offensive as one tots up the years ( and grey hairs) Again I went down the vintage inspired route with a male recipient in mind. 

At the weekend I came up with something quite daft - still thinking along the lines of a sentiment with a twist. I felt the slang 'totes adorbs' could be used on a New Baby card. Keeping it simple and more modern in approach. I had fun with this one too.

Hallmark 5 word phrase competition

For a bit of a challenge I penciled in the Hallmark 5 words phrase competition for early August. I did totally forget it would clash with GTS. However it turned out of be a bit of light relief as I was able to tune out when overthinking terrariums. I used some of the pen and ink sketches from Nautical/ ships in bottles themed art from Bootcamp.

Since I have been hand lettering doodles this month I was able to put something together fairly quickly. If time had allowed I would have taken it into PS for extra texture but alas not this time. Even so I was pleased with what I achieved composition wise when faced with a tight deadline ( for me that is) 

30 Days of Hand Lettering - week 1

Last month I set myself the challenge of creating a hand lettering doodle a day for the month of August. The kids would be on school hols and all routines would be out the window. It would keep me creative and I hoped it would help me loosen up a bit. I didn't have any phrases in mind and just worked with how I was feeling that day. Below are what happened in the first 8 days.