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I had been aching to illustrate a map of Yangon in Myanmar for years. Although when I lived there it was called Rangoon in Burma. It was very much a 'jewel in the crown' of British colonial rule in Asia, and boosted one of the best facilities of any modern city before WW2. I wanted to capture some of the daily life as well as the highlights of this beautiful city.

Submitted to They Draw and Travel

Submitted to They Draw and Travel

Sadly its Yangon's has declined due to years of neglect and utter misrule from the military backed government. I very much hope for for a return to its former glory days in the near future.

MATS part B Week 4 - Editorial

So we arrived at just over the half way mark. There was an inkling that it would be maps, although some of us rather dreaded it. The mini this week was to create hand lettering using the name of your home town. Thankfully I live in a small semi rural town with s short name Ware- yes it really is called that. I wanted to convey how OLD my lil town is from its Roman, Saxon, Medieval and Tudor roots.

When the brief came through the first thing I did was go out and take some snaps around town. For such a small town it has a lot of old buildings. In part from the days when Ware was a main stop off point for a change of coach and horses going north to Cambridge or further along the old Roman road Ermine Street to York.

There was so much I wanted to include as I really do love history ( I have an A-level in C15th -C16th European history). But there was still the River Lea which is also another important part of the growth of this town. These days it doesn't carry cargo or malt but is used for more leisure activities and I have spent many a day walking along it trying to get my babies to sleep!

Realistically I bit off more than I could chew - something Lilla had cautioned against. I finally uploaded my Ware map with seconds to spare for the deadline - I do not wish to relive that last minute. Overall I was really pleased with the outcome, I feel it gives a good impression of the highlights of Ware ( rather that the industrial sized pharmaceutical plant that employes half the town)