MATS part B Week 5- Party Paper

I just couldn't believe I had almost finished my MATS course. I was starting to feel pretty sad but kind excited too as I have so so many plans for where i want to go from here.

Again party paper is something I have little experience with but took up the challenge with much joy. The mini was to explore Bavarian or Ukrainian folk art. So much to choose from, eggs, textiles, costumes, lace , the reference could go on and on.

During my research I realised that May Day was coming up. When I was about 8 or 9 I took part in a May Day country dancing competition with schools around the Standon area. I remember it fondly as my parents and grandparents braved the rain to sit on hay bales to watch me dance. I had found my joy - I was going to use this as my central theme.

Later on in the week Lilla posted on our Facebook group to say with party paper its important not to repeat elements. Making pattern or exploring pattern doesn't come naturally to me at the moment but for some reason this weeks theme did not leave me in a cold sweat. I came to think of it as decoration around the plate or napkin. AND a first for me I created a ditsy pattern for the paper cup. Also I managed to put together the mock ups with the help of other members from the FB group who were so generous with their time.