Spoonflower Surprise...& sci fi geekery.

On my list of things in 2015 to do was enter a few Spoonflower contests. I was going to check well in advance to see if there were any that grabbed my attention. When I saw 'rockets' I knew that was going to be my first competition.

I really really do love sci fi. The first film I ever watched on a top loading video player was 'The Empire Strikes Back' - heck I didn't even speak much English then, but I was captivated and just understood that Hoth was a secret base. I pretty much watch any sci movies from Flash Gordon ( with Queen soundtrack) to Blade Runner to Intersteller. Maybe its the imagination involved or it just makes me think...I am a bit of a geek in this area.

It also reminds me of being a kid in the early eighties and charging around with my cousins and cheap plastic market bought ray guns ( of course I wanted be Leia with a blaster) So on this nostalgic vibe I made some sketches of vintage tin rocket toys. And I also sought out early imaginings of astronauts and ray guns.

I specifically wanted a vintage colour palette to compliment the older style rockets, and adapted one from a print by Lucienne Day. Again I chickened out and did a simple repeat pulling out different elements from the rocket and adding a numbers countdown.

I was really pleased with the vintage feel I was able to capture. I might here that this is only the third time I've entered Spoonflower - I entered because I liked the subject of rockets and again to become more comfortable with pattern making. So I pretty much fell of my chair when I received an email saying I was in the top 10 ( I was 5th overall) I was  utterly flabbergasted when I received many comments of congratulations from the Spoonflower community. This was not planned - it did not even occur to me that this could happen so I was very very grateful for everyone who voted. I certainly feel more confident about entering future Spoonflower competitions.

My first ever SPOONFLOWER entries

I have been hearing about the Spoonflower weekly competitions for a few years but never attempted to enter as I felt technical repeats were rather beyond me. But many of my fellow MATS mates gave the encouragement to enter. I thought well it'll be a good experience out of my comfort zone and will add to my portfolio - win/win right? Once I decided to take the plunge it turned out the next competition was for Fishing Lures - I had to look that word up!! As always I started with pen & ink sketches of any associated with fishing - that was going to be my take on this subject.

I was able to add scanned in textures and add a slight knocked back linework of rope knots to add to the textural feel. Again another set of colours were used from the Design Seeds site and put through Kular to match the exact colours. I was so ver pleased I managed to get a simple half step repeat to work- phew.

Here are some sketches from the Herb Garden competition that I entered a few weeks later.