Illustrations for Trident Foods Noodle packaging

Most of the clients I work with are in the US ( and I'm in the UK if you hadn't realised) - so thats a time difference of 5-8 hours. That means I could potentially keep working till 10 pm / midnight UK time....and yes sometimes I have (but thankfully not too often these days) However working with a client in New Zealand with its 11 hours ahead of GMT is highly challenging.

In May of last year I was contacted by the Creative Director of Tried and True Design based in Auckland.  I believe they saw my work originally on Pinterest. To put it in context I was in full scale show prep for Surtex at the time.  I did very much deliberate if it was such a good idea to take on a project of this nature. Illustrating for packaging projects in general require several revisions and meetings between the design agency and client before feedback is given to the illustrator, and thus it takes a fair chunk of time.

However I decided in the end, as I'd left the week before Surtex 'free' to recover from artworking collections and pack, that there was sufficient time. And the brief was for Asian noodles, something I had not tackled before. As I recall I had several Skype meetings at 7am GMT ( so it was the end of their work day in NZ). Needless to say I did not switch on the video function at that time in the morning.

There would be 4 flavours of Asian rice noodles, beef and chicken pho, curry laksa and tom yum. They presented me with a brief outline of what was required, which would include a bowl, flat rice noodles slipping over the edge and the individual ingredients surrounding it. As well as a pair of chopsticks with noodles dangling off them 

If you've read other blog posts you'll know I tend to give my clients several versions of a certain icon, and they can choose which one to take to the artwork stage. And as with all my food illustrations I refer to a lot of reference and I take full advantage of my ability to sketch quickly.

But I have to be honest with this project, despite working as swiftly as I was able, the time difference was a major player. Looking back on it, although I was very grateful for this opportunity and I'm pleased with how it turned out, the timeline was C-R-A-Z-Y. As expected there were several rounds of revisions and I eventually sent all the artworks the day before my New York flight !!!!

So if you are in New Zealand or Australia please look out for these instant rice noodles! And send me a pic if you get a chance.