It's Pancake Day and 'Flipping Good' book launch

Soon after I worked on the Healthy Hedonist cover ( see my last post) I was again approached by Kyle Books  to illustrate another front cover. This time it was for a book about pancakes written by Sudi Pigott , and illustrations would also be needed for chapter openers. These would appear at the beginning of each chapter to introduce breakfast & brunch, snacks and nibbles, main meals, teatime and desserts recipes of each section.

I did set out to illustrate and hand letter the title for the front cover which went through several revisions. What I provided was taken to the Frankfurt Book Fair. However the overwhelming feedback was the cover would work better with photography. These things happen and it was time to move on to the chapter openers. I just want to add the editor very graciously and swiftly negotiated a cancellation/ kill fee as the illustrated cover route was not chosen. 

After several concepts it was decided to use simple linework to explore each chapter theme, and it would not detract from the photography ( provided by Maja Smend ) that appears throughout the book.

Here are a few words from the editor of this book, about book design and illustration...

'Every book is different – sometimes the author asks for illustration, sometimes it is something the editor is keen to include, sometimes it is the book designer who suggests it.  However the decision is arrived at, the choice of illustrator is always something we discuss with the author. Their name goes on the book, so it needs to reflect their vision for the book as well as ours. Some authors like to be closely involved, others are happy for the illustrator to be given a free rein. Illustration has come much more back into fashion recently and offers another dimension to photography.  It can give a book a distinct identity, which may be nostalgic, retro, modern, romantic, humorous, etc – and help to target a specific market.'

This book was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about illustrations for publishing. And of course I'm thrilled to see my linework appear in a cook book too.