New Year NEW CHALLENGE - Map a Month for they Draw and Travel

My youngest is still quite young but I'm hoping as she gets older I'll be able to take both my kids much father failed than western day Sri Lanka, Thailand, and eventually New Zealand (I have to see Hobbiton aka Matamata ) I travelled a lot before my kids and right now I have a map of the world that came free with my National Geographic subscription. Travel features a lot in my future goals.

I have submitted maps to THEY DRAW AND TRAVEL on several occasions but if I'm being honest they were very self indulgent. The reality is there will be very few art directors looking for maps of the fictional places in Pride and Prejudice, or a small corner of the British Isle that have serve Star gaze pie . I felt I had issues with making the map balanced and appealing. And I tended to add an awful lot of details to my buildings which was very time consuming. There always seemed to be other jobs or life just got in the way but I felt I hadn't given myself enough space to really pursue map illustration. However I very much wanted to attract map work.

Nate from TDAT kindly suggested I do a few maps of well known cites that everyone knew so a potential client could see my approach. So I have decided that EVERY month this year I shall be submitting a map to TDAT. In January I completed the first map in this challenge, London town. As mentioned I tend to overwork on the details so I decided on a different approach. I'm blessed with good drawing ability so I decided to make that the framework and the colour work secondary. This did help speed things up a little as I didn't pour over too many details, as long as it was in the initial brush pen drawing. 

I'm hoping over the course of the year I can add 12 new maps to my portfolio and website. I'm trusting the process that the more often I put a map together the more confident and quicker I will be. And by putting them out there someone will trust me to illustrate a map for their publication.