What I'm learning from Pinterest

I started 'pinning' Pinterest with an earnest 2 years ago when my youngest was only small, as a way of dipping my toe back into the creative pool so to speak. I was pinning anything that caught my eye, places I'd been, or wanted to go. How I wanted my future studio look, food photography, children's picture books, and pics from Print and Pattern most days.

So what I have now is a Pinterest home page arranged (mainly ) in volume of pins I have on each board. Taking a step back I'm now able to see where my real interests are. Here it is ....

I was mulling over what my next 30 day challenge would be (for October) and the answer was there staring at me....I will reveal on September 30th. Not only is it good for inspiration it gives me valuable clues about my taste that I'm not even aware of. 

A little while ago a few of my friends started Monica Lee's Smart Creative women e-course. I very much wanted to join them but felt as it overlapped the school hols I would not be able to give it my full attention. However I asked two of them to help compile a 'nature' board based in part on childhood memories, pics that resonated with me and particular areas that grabbed my attention. As I mentioned I was surprised by what the collective images revealed.

You can see the full version here...

What transpired is I am very much influenced by my early childhood in Burma (Myanmar) when I lived with both sets of grandparents for extended periods of time. One lived in the north on Burma's longest and most important river- the Irrawaddy, so there were images of water, fishing and lush forests as backdrops. The other lived in Rangoon - her garden was an oasis of greenery and orchids set north of that bustling city. It seems even now 35 years later I just gravitate towards these images like its part of my DNA.

My friend  Vivayne had these words to say...'I see common lines there like parallel lines and or gradual building up of, as if everything is leading up to something, like you see the details but also see the big picture.'

Another surprising conclusion that my friend Jacqui Crocetta found was the link between my appreciation of geology and love of scuba diving and future adventures ...'I think it's important to feel grounded so that you can fly. We need roots and wings....By feeling grounded you can release a long tether that gives you the freedom to explore while still feeling connected and at peace...'

At this stage I am unsure how to use this new found information but never the less I feel it has been an important eye opener for possible future directions.