MATS part B Week 3 - Scrapbooking

I didn't realise so much time had passed since my last post and I've only come round to writing about the next week of the MATS whirlwind.

I have only a vague understanding of scrapbooking, its not really that big here in the UK. I felt I did a lot of research into this market as I was rather lost in this market. I understand that its really recording special events or occasions in a pretty way so that it can be kept for future reference. To begin with we are asked to draw vintage ink pots, and other related items. Thankfully there is actually a website choc full of these little antique items.

There were some technical issues which meant the assignment was posted very late in the day, which meant I had literally 30 hours to complete that weeks assignment before Easter break. I worked my butt off, first starting with THE colour palette -inspired by my FB friends. I chose one from Design Seeds - I love this website and started a Pinterest board just for colour chips for future projects. Its certainly the way forward to me - palette as I was discovering is key.

Luckily I was able to pull everything together as I had played some more with the mini waiting for the delayed assignment. Also a major player in scrapbooking is sentimental words - however in my case I leaned towards inspirational words. Then it was a matter of jigsaw-ing the different icons together. Phew I uploaded in super fast time and was able to enjoy my Easter weekend .