Make Art That Sells round up

I'm writing this 3 weeks after handing in my final assignment. I wanted to say a few personal words about Lilla Rogers amazing course. 

DEADLINES - we were told over and over again that a 6 day time scale is not realistic turnaround time for creating art. Yet I realised self imposed deadlines work best for me, especially if there is a weekend getaway. However I feel I need to work on the family/ work/ me balance as I'm pretty knackered after MATS B

SKILLS- its good to grow and learn from my fellow classmates. There was always someone in the FB group who knew the best or easiest way for mock ups or certain tools in PS etc.

PALETTE - this was a biggy for me. Since MATS A I felt my colour choices had been a bit off the mark. It wasn't until Scrapbooking week that I understood what a important framework it provides. Thanks Wendy Brightbill -your pep talk really helped

DRAWING - I was at a loss with the mini's back in October. I had little understanding of how they got you from A to B. But this time round i totally understood why Lilla kept saying '...use the art created in your minis' I was now using my trusty Pentel brush pen just for black line work and drawings that could be easily translated into AI and further. One happy girly.

TEXTURES - I have a background in printmaking. I have always loved texture. However for most of my illustration career I did not include textures or mess until now. I have finally found a way of making shapes in AI and then adding texture to my hearts content in PS. It adds such a wonderful dimension to my work & I'm pleased I could use it.

THE FUTURE Lilla said in her final post to make a plan of action for one particular market. So I'm going for broke with editorial. I'm ONLY going to make art for the type of work I want to attract. Watch this space.