How I achieve my textures....

Since I've been posting images on Instagram I've received quite a few questions about how I add textures to my work. Its been evolving since last year when I took several Skillshare classes to improve my Ai and PS skills, which were fairly basic. Although the classes were not directly related to what I had in mind ( they were for hand lettering and drawing a character) its been a great spring board for the textural vibe I've always wanted to achieve. 

This is just a quick run down of the process using the pomegranates from the mulled wine. Most of what I do is trial and error with much use of the comd+z keys.

1) Make good pen and ink drawings so its easy to scan

2)Live trace in Ai and 'release to layers' then export to PS tick 'write layers' in options

pom step 3.jpg

3) In PS use different texture brushes depending on what is desired.

Like I said its a learning curve and the more art I do the more i learn - its fun.