A whole month of FOOD doodles....on Instagram

I can't believe we have skipped over into October and its been a while since my last blog. Which is kinda good as I have been very busy with lots of submissions for greetings cards for Spring 2015 ranges amongst other things. 

One of my small successes was 30 days of food doodles which I posted on Instagram everyday. And I gradually worked out how to link onto Twitter and my business Facebook page too. I didn't set out with a grand plan of what to draw it just evolved every few days. I think one of the most popular items were well known English biscuits - which lead to many followers.

Here's a few more high lights from the last months of sketches - some of which were for a live brief. I feel I can now take take these doodles and turn then into art in the next few weeks which excites me and ca't wait to make a start.