NEW WEBSITE & overcoming a mental block

I can at last reveal my new


. Its been years in the making for many reasons that I feel comfortable sharing now.

Before my kids were born I there was a long period of time when I illustrated elegant but


looking women. That was the prevailing trend for figurework ( in editorial) so I jumped on the bandwagon. Financially it was a abundant period but my heart was heavy. When I left uni half my portfolio was printmaking based. I felt I had let myself down and felt


my style was so far removed from those joyful days in the printroom. It all came to a head after my son was born. I pretty much cut ties with that slick style and just enjoyed being with my baby.

However it did leave 'emotional scars'. It may seem illogical but in my head I thought if I had a website I would attract the same clients and be called upon to produce figure work in a style that had its day. It was a very real fear - that maybe difficult for non- creatives to understand. During Wall Art week of MATS I produced this.

It has taken me a long time to accept and give myself permission to allow figurework in my art MY way. Its clear that there is a way. Thanks for reading this - its taken me a while to filter out all these feelings.