Its about to start...Make Art That Sells group 2

Yipppppyayayay. It seems like I've been waiting to start this course for ever. When it was launched earlier this year ( May ? ) I didn't feel the time was quite right, emotionally, spiritually or financially. MATS was my goal, so I dug my heels in and found a solution that would work around the kids and finances. And here I am...I'm so excited I'm literally jumping around. Learn more about the course HERE

Today I had some images that I felt would inspire me on the walls of my work space, which is different from my Mac space. All the things that get piled up in that room are now in the garage for the next 5 weeks. I've printed out all the paperwork, filled in the mini questionaire. Also handwritten a note to myself that I AM CONFIDENT/ TALENTED/SMART/ ENOUGH. 

So I have all my lovely inks, pens paints, masses of papers lined up just waiting in anticipation for the Mini Assignment for Bolt Fabric.  I'll be posting more about what I get up to on this magical journey...hope I've packed enough underwear!