BOLT FABRIC Make Art that Sells - week 1

So here we are. On Friday I signed into the MATS Facebook group & introduced myself. I felt a bit awkward about posting an image but I though what the heck I'm here to improve and expand and explore...& beyond

There was much anticipation on Monday morning when I got back from the school run. To begin with was some wonderful guiding info about the bolt fabric industry and some insights into the different image categories that sells. This was really useful for someone like me as I only had a basic knowledge gleaned from my surface pattern friends

 The mini assignment this week as to explore and draw berries and retro Pyrex dishes. Fabulous I thought - permission to draw for my pleasure - with a purpose though.

I went out with my camera and took pics and gathered berries I found in the green spaces around my  house. I had SO much fun doing this and spent almost the entire day just with my berries using (ols school) pen and ink, coloured pencils and oil pastel at one point. I knew at some point I wanted to render the berries in my brush pen and explore there shapes further. 

I was lucky enough to have two retro pyrex dishes of my own but there was a wealth of images online. I love love reto and spent the evening looking at all the patterns and shapes. 

All this time there were messages & uploads on Facebook with sketches and doodles of what other on the course were doing almost in real time. That was a fantastic feeling knowing that we were all in this together. I was amazingly inspired by the diversity ranges of styles and experiences.

Alas my Shutterstock work was calling me and I had to bid a fond farewell for the day....