Upcycle or repurposed crazy...

So I'm talking to a great friend from uni about crazy creative ideas to make money. We've been having this conversation for years...freelancing can be very lean at times. He thought I would be great at the upcycling craze. He remembered that I actually used to make amazing 3D pieces (considering it was a advertising & graphics course) with a real eye for detail.

Oh my golly gosh there was so much out there...so I simply had to start a Pinterest board of my own.

Some ideas were funky crazy, some were adorable...some were really amazing

I need a product range to sell on Etsy (potentially)
- find niche item(s) where there is a particular demand/ interest
- I can source the items to upcycle easily
- the upcycling can be done with ease in my home
- the item can be posted with the least packaging & expense

I will find a way of making this work...