Pinterest is simply doing wonders for my imagination...

From the moment I started pinning I knew it was going to be a love affair of sorts. I've relied of visual clues and images since I come to the UK and didn't speak a word of English. And at the moment being in rural Hertfordshire with few creatives around - its a bit addictive.

I spend 5 - 10 mins each day scanning my blogs and other boards to find whats what...and oh my there is a infinite supply of wonderous images that grab my attention most mornings.

By far I have the most followers for Love Food Illustrations, followed by Pattern & Print then Illustrators I Adore. I can reach out from my tiny part of the world and not feel isolated, and not feel that I am totally out of touch with the design & illustration world. I realise I'm not up to speed with other 'full time' illustrators but this is what I AM able to do for now...its a blessing for me at the moment.

I love finding images for my Calm & Mindfulness board which helps with visualisation to find my inner clam and stillness. And also for my Love & Abundance board which is about sharing with family/ loved ones and noticing all the small things in life that make me so very grateful.

Thank you Pinterest & Pinners for all the  beautiful images that you share with me.