Do What You loving it

So the summer hols are over and the kids are back at school. For the first time in many many years I will have uninterrupted time to work, doodle, play, read and hopefully pick up some creative grooves.

Despite the hectic nature of school hols I was able to keep an eye on the blogs I follow. The Do What You Love website had a redesign and it was so amazing to see many different strands/ ideas come together as a cohesive unit. Such as the Make Art that Sells, MOYO magazine, and the Art & Business of Surfave Design which now has its own website called Make it in Design.

These are just some of the wonderful things they feature and I almost get a electric buzz when i read about the amazing people they feature- such a inspiration for my creative soul. Another feature that appeals are the Thought For The Week, written out on a blackboard.

I know I keep banging on about the MATS course but all these elements make me SSOOO excited I just want to jump out of my seat. The future seems loaded with opportunities I just can't wait to get stuck in.

I want to add at this point that I feel at last I have given myself PERMISSION to seek out these new experiences, that I am worthy of the path I'm about to take.