Make Art That Sells...Lilla Rogers e-course PART 1

I eagerly anticipated Aug 1 when registration for the Make Art That Sells course was open. From the email that arrived the next day welcoming me, I KNEW I had made the right choice. The vibe was just what I was hoping to hear. I have signed up for parts A&B which will take place in Autumn the continue in the Spring of next year.

Each week we'll be covering wondrous areas such as children's books and gift. And there are areas I have never even contemplated as an illustrator like bolt fabric, scrapbooking and party paper.

Lilla wants us to ask ourselves some pretty thought provoking questions like...what are you hoping to achieve in your wildest dreams??? Ooooh I can think of many...where do I start...? And what do i consider to be me strengths, such as - highly motivated/ learning new trends.

On the realistic side she wants us to be OK with our my case its being out of the loop for years  thus lacking in confidence and skills. In the 'level of commitment' box I'll be saying I've cleared my diary for 5 weeks - it'll be the biggest thing in my life, I'm sure of it.

Lilla has very kindly provided a diary so we know what to expect each week from mini projects to business & life tips- how good does that sound!

I feel the last paragraph sets the tone of her style, and why Lilla is so successful. She asks us to VISUALISE happily working in our studio space so that we can connect with the dreams we are striving for as artists. As she states this is a wonderful investment in myself - I simply can't wait til October