Positive News... & creativity

My other half is in the steering group of a transition town & last night he came back with a whole pile of these.

Positive News is published every few months and is filled with the most wonderful enlightening news from all around the world. Where people & communities are making a massive difference, often using low tech methods. Just spreading ideas, simple models that we could all learn from. I'm going to use

As always there were some interesting TEDx talks to be shared. I totally got what Ken Robinson was saying, since I was a product of the UK education system throughout the 80's. I feel very lucky that I can offer my 8 & 3 year old creative slots, painting, cutting, gluing. The whole notion being wrong is 'bad', and taking risks is just plain risky. Humans are a creative species, why do we try so hard to suppress it?

I hope as I grow and learn I'll be able to pass on positive beliefs & habits onto my kids. There is so much we can work on to create more fulfilling & joyous lives. This is powerful stuff, and this journey is just so exciting at the moment. The next blog will feature my take on the best articles in this edition...keep you posted.